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  • Produces experiment plans for research and validation
  • Provides help to choose the best techniques
  • Realises data analysis & results discussion
  • Delivers a report with conclusions
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Microelectronics, MEMS

and Co

• Observation can be done with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to define etching parameters & Batch tracking in clean room operations can be done

• Technology of magnetic read heads for computers & MRAM: large sensitivity improvement (x100) with the Tunnel MagnetoResistance (MR) technology compared to Giant MR technology

Mechanics & Fluid mechanics

  • Micro-mechanics :

    Composite with metallic resistance and high hardness • Metal-like material with higher hardness than pure metal

  • Fluid mechanics :

    Flow optimisation to have the best exposition for all
    sensors in multi-sensors devices

    Gas bench qualification for the delivery of gas traces inside air